User Interface Design

Phenomena offers user interface design services for screens and other applications across a variety of platforms, from electronic devices to PCs.

Our approach to design focuses on creating products and services that are easy to use, and years of experience designing these types of products have given us a skill base that’s second to none.
And through research and design of control systems powered by state-of-the-art technology, we provide our customers with solutions to meet all of their needs.

Services Offered

Phenomena provides a broad range of user interface design services, from concept and visual design to prototype production, evaluation, and analysis.

Items Fig.External & Control Screen Specification Design

Phenomena’s control systems are developed with an eye towards screen design. We rigorously test
our systems using the actual screens for maximum precision. Our thorough understanding of software development environments and device specs ensures that each of our products is optimally designed for the platform.

Items Fig.Hardware Design

Phenomena’s hardware control system design services cover every stage from initial software mockup to CAD drafting, including placement and shape of keys, as well as the positioning and size of displays.

Items Fig.Screen Design

We strive to achieve the perfect balance of usability, beauty, and novelty in designing screens for every product application.
When designing a screen, our aim is to make implementation as efficient as possible within the constraints of the system.

Items Fig.Icon Creation

Phenomena creates icons, illustrations, and other parts for product implementation. We offer easily portable data formats, color numbers, and other data modules as well as detailed documentation for part management.

Items Fig.Prototype Production

We also develop prototypes for evaluating screen design.
Our services range from simple Flash demos to full prototypes that operate on the actual OS and hardware. We can also provide highly realistic prototyping with features like network connectivity and device-to-device communication.

Items Fig.Usability Testing

Our user testing and analysis services provide customers with solutions to help make their control systems better. We offer comprehensive support that includes test design, web surveys, user testing, and data analysis.
We also offer web surveys for overseas users.

Items Fig.Universal Design

We also design user interfaces to accommodate the needs of senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Our policy is to create systems that embody smart, universal design while also being stylish enough to appeal to all users.

Items Fig.Sound Design

We provide sound design services and program-ready sound data for user interfaces, including interaction, alert, and environment sounds.
Our design process uses simulators to ensure that sounds are seamlessly integrated into the overall feel of the interface.

Product Types Supported

Phenomena provides design services for industrial equipment, home appliances, mobile phones, and other electronic devices as well as PC applications. We have the experience and the know-how to support products over a wide range of platforms.

Items Fig.Embedded-Type Devices

・DVD/Blu-ray recorders
・Mobile phones
・Smart phones
・Landline phones/faxes
・Digital cameras
・Video cameras
・Digital hybrid devices
・POS registers
・GPS navigators
・Center console controllers
・Rice cookers
・Other cooking appliances

Items Fig.PC Applications & Solutions

・Data broadcast master station control systems
・Power control systems
・CPU logic design applications
・Electric signal measurement/analysis applications
・Measurement data graphing applications
・Advertisement animation production applications
・Educational material management solutions
・Learning management solutions
・Cloud data management solutions
・Photo print service applications
・Music playback applications

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