Software Development

Phenomena offers UI (User Interface)-focused software development services for control systems and other applications.

We develop software for both Windows environments and embedded-type devices.
Our advantage lies in our ability to provide superior control screens together with easy-to-use software.
We support a wide range of platforms and can meet all of your control screen software development needs, from prototyping to product development.

Languages (Platforms) Supported

From Windows applications to embedded-type platforms and mobile phones, we develop software for a wide range of environments.

Items Fig. ・C,C++
・Visual Studio(Windows)
・Visual Studio(Silverlight)
・Java Script(Web)
・Action Script(Adobe Flash)
・Lingo(Adobe Director)
・Vivid UI

Examples of Software Developed

Working together with our designers, Phenomena’s software engineers have created numerous successful GUI-related products for electronic devices and Windows applications.

Items Fig. ・Android applications for smart phones
・Windows-based testing applications for data broadcast master station systems
・System UI for conferencing devices
・Office phone control screens
・Advertising animation production applications
・Electric signal measurement/analysis applications
・Museum exhibit software
・AR-compatible document display software

Prototype Software Development for Control Spec Testing

Phenomena has a wealth of experience developing prototypes and simulators for testing control architecture and design prior to finalization.
Our products allow for the creation of software with full-fledged control screens even at the early stages of product development, when the details are not yet finalized.
And when the prototype needs to be done in a hurry, we can also develop Adobe Flash-based prototypes to run on PCs.

Sample Prototype

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