Phenomena offers content production services for a variety of platforms.

We put our design expertise and technical prowess to use producing video, web pages, electronic literature, and other types of software content.
We also develop playback applications built on our extensive knowledge base in content production.

Items Fig.Interactive Guides

Phenomena provides a full line of electronic manual production services, from planning and drafting to image production and software conversion.
We have years of experience producing interactive guides incorporating video and sound.
We even create localized guides for foreign markets in English, other European languages, and Asian languages.

Items Fig.Games

Phenomena plans and develops game software for smart phones and web platforms, including Flash,
i-appli, and Android.

Items Fig.Video Production

Phenomena produces video content for special applications such as technology tests.
We are flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of content needs, including TV-style content, music, and 3D computer graphics.

Examples of Created Content

・Content for museum exhibitions
・Promotional content for document management systems
・Promotional content for print management systems
・Office application tutorials
・Naked-eye 3D display demo content
・Test content for data broadcasting

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